SASAE | NIOS School in Bangalore

“All true learning is experience, everything else is just information.”

To prosper and grow into independent individuals , specially-abled children need a lot more than mere studies. They require a special school that takes care of not just their education, but also their overall development.


The goal of any educational system should be to meet the needs of students and not to focus on arbitrary educational objectives. Sadly, the latter is often the case. The need for an educational system that is flexible and able to adapt to the learning needs of individual students is the primary motivation behind the establishment of the SASAE .

This is why SASAE works with schools to help them transition them into new cultures of inclusiveness. Education providers with inclusive cultures adopt attitudes, approaches and strategies that ensure no learners are excluded or isolated from mainstream educational opportunities. Within that culture, all learners – disabled, as well as, non-disabled – can feel valued, safe and confident. They are adequately provided with all the support they need to develop their talents and pursue their aspirations. In that context, teaching is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all students; disabled pupils and non-disabled students work side-by-side, and assessments are designed to ensure that all learners have a chance to reach their full potential

SASAE uses a multi-pronged approach that encompasses students, parents and schools. We provide alternatives to the standard schooling system, including the option of homeschooling. We also help schools provide inclusive education, remedial education and more. Established by a team of educators, SASAE supports mainstream schools by helping to identify students with special needs; counseling parents and teachers; assisting with of a more supportive learning environment and developing flexible assessment frameworks that take every student’s uniqueness into account.


At SASAE, apart from basic education, we include our students in therapy sessions that help them fluently communicate with the world, move about without any assistance, and not be dependent on anyone else for the tiniest of jobs. Our special educators help us in creating a homely environment filled with empathy and care towards the special children.

Speech and language are instruments that let us express ourselves, and our fully functioning limbs help us stay connected to the world. At SASAE, we help children with speech defects overcome the difficulties they face while communicating with the world. We also have physiotherapy for children who can’t move freely, and occupational therapy for autistic and other disabled children who are hypersensitive or under-sensitive to light, touch and noise.

By empowering individuals with speech defects, intellectual impairments, cerebral palsy, autism, hearing impairment and other similar disabilities, SASAE works towards creating the possibility of an optimum quality of life for them. With a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach towards betterment of the society, we ensure that each child at SASAE gets nourishment in their growing years, so that they prosper and scale the highest peaks in their adult lives.


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